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PERSON OF THE MONTH OCTOBER 2010: JOHN WETSTONE by The American Drama Group Europe

www.adg-europe.com – John, himself a native-born American Yankee, was once a Connecticut-resident. On coming to Europe he felt himself transplanted Mark Twain–style to King Arthur‘s Court when he started his life abroad. Almost immediately he began following his idols, Turner’s, footsteps touring Great Britain and the Continent four decades ago.
Having worked as a watercolorist and art historian, he made his living from his paintings. He also taught privately for several years, his students were mostly professors and directors of the boards of large firms. Eventually he joined the faculties of several German adult education centers in and around Munich.
When the German economical system began faltering following the dotcom downturn, and his teaching load declined, Wetstone was forced to find a new way of earning a living. So, after much soul-searching, John started his life-time project, ‘Johns Bavarian Tours’ in 2004. As a result of this initial, part-time activity’s burgeoning success, he is now so totally committed tending to the needs of others that he has very little free time of his own.
"There is so much to see and do in Bavaria, Germany largest province, whose capital is Munich which is my headquarters extending to the Black Forest, the Czech Republic, Austria and other parts of Germany. Right now, I have 31 tours that I offer my many visitors just in the Munich area; however, there is much more that I would like to bring to my clients, if only I had the time to develop additional tours."
John’s singular success is based on his artistic affinities: he views his destinations through the eyes of an artist. He is particularly attuned to cultural events and activity both as a painter and travel guide. This can be related to his background and extreme interest in art and culture.
Originally, however, back in 1973, this was not entirely the case when he was studying Political Science at Georgia State University in Atlanta.
"With Richard Nixon as President and the war in Vietnam in full swing it, was not a good time to want study law, my first academic foray, while harboring thoughts of what you can do to benefit the world."
John found then that the only way he could do his part for humanity was through promoting cultural endeavors – art, tourism, travel, interchange. This is still the basis of what he does with his arts and culturally-orientated tours, specializing in southern Bavaria and adjacent environs.
“Culture is what holds us all together, where each nation understands the core values and expressions of the other. Achieve this understanding and there would be a lot less hate and killing in the world.
"I hope that in some small way by revealing those values, similarities and differences, my work can contribute to the process."

Want to know more about Johns Bavarian Tours? As John says, "Just look me up on the web: www.johns-bavarian-tours.com"
"I am proud to be invited as Person of the Month by Mr. Grantly Marshall from Adg-Europe; it is my sincere wish that the people who read this will visit me on my website. There I can be found as an artist and lover of Bavaria. There is so much hidden between the lines in Southern Germany which I enjoy showing my guests". I never know what I will find or experience on my tours, every tour brings new experiences which can never be predicted.
Each tour being researched along with the historical backgrounds surround the places and people involved. The amount of information is never ending as John digs away on subjects like Ludwig II, former King Bavaria. There is much more than meets the eye when visiting small cities which are over 1000 years old, of which many can be found in Bavaria.
One thing that John always enjoys is when he can plan the exclusive tour to the taste of his client, even during the tours themselves. A good working knowledge of the area and subject matter makes it possible to form each tour to the client’s personal taste. John is always happy to plan or custom make any tour for his clients when possible. Due to the demand for his services it is always wise to make your request at the earliest possible time.
To learn more about John Wetstone back ground as an artist, visit his artist biographical information at: