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Take one big step up to the "The Exclusive Class".
Johns Bavarian Tours offers you Luxury in the Exclusive Class. For those who prefer to enjoy my tours in an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes, I offer this executive service. In my efforts to satisfy all my customers' wishes I offer the enhanced service of the Exclusive Class.

The Exclusive Class will take you shopping at Munich's top stores and noble establishments, those featuring only the very finest quality. Once informed of your special requests, I will organize your tour so as to fulfil every desire, making this vacation the one you always dreamed of. Here, for example, are some highlights: Munich's English Garden and City rides with a coach & horses, Private plane flights over the Alps & King Ludwig's Castles, or rides in classic old-timer cars.


Note that advance notice is needed to insure your individual wish. Please write or call for quotes and bookings.

The Exclusive Class - the exclusive transfer and private holiday planning

"The Exclusive Class" is where your vacation dreams come true.

Choose your mode of travel, and experience the pleasure of a custom-designed holiday. Each special request is there waiting to be fulfilled.
Place your vacation wishes in the hands of the Exclusive Class the extra-special service, exclusively at Johns Bavarian Tours.

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Zeppelin NT

Zeppelin NT
History: The Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH was founded in January 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zeppelin Luftschifttechnik GmbH. Scope of business includes the operation of airships, comparable to that of commercial airlines used in conventional flight traffic. Hence, a company called the "Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH" was founded for the second time since 1935. Back then, the DZR was founded with the aid of governmental funding by the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH. The purpose of the DZR at that time was flight operation for Zeppelin airships.
Today, the DZR not only in involved in the operation of commercial flights but also in the field of advertising. A huge space of approx. 2000 m" is available for advertising purposes on the Zeppelin NT. After all, it is the largest airship in operation today.
Sightseeing flights over Lake Constance (Private Tour 25) are currently offered from our Friedrichshafen location as well as tours originating from Stuttgart and Berlin. We are continually expanding and improving our program of flights and events.
A further important field of responsibility is training for airship pilots. The proposed length of this supplementary pilot training and education 24 months according to German air traffic law. Theory, practical training and examination all take place at the DZR in Friedrichshafen.

Helicopter flight over Bavarian Alps

Helicopter Flights over Neuschwanstein and Upper Bavaria
Flying over upper Bavaria while viewing our majestic scenery will be a truly high point of your visit here in this the land of Kings and Fairytale castles. Johns Bavarian Tours is delighted to be able to offer you this exclusive service during your stay here.
You will be picked up at your Munich hotel then brought to the starting point of your Helicopter flight. After your flight, John’s Bavarian tours will be waiting to either return you to your hotel or, depending on your interests and timing, to continue with all or part of an on-land tour. Be sure to indicate what you would like to see during your flight. If you wish, I would be happy to provide suggestions to help plan the incredible sights you can see during your flight over the Alps.
Please be sure to fill out my contact form so that I can help you with planning this tremendous experience.

We will of course do our best to accommodate your requests.

©Helge Kirchberger / Red Bull Hangar-7

A Visit to Red Bull's Hanger-7
Johns Bavarian Tours invites you to step into the world of one of the greatest marketing successes ever at Red Bull Hangar-7.
When it comes to sports or racing of any sort be it in the air, on the ground; no one promotes and markets like Red Bull who invites us to visit their collection at Hangar-7. There we can see world champion's Formula One Racing cars, all manner of aircraft, motorcycles and other means of movement. With all that speed, you will work up an appetite.
Red Bull's gourmet restaurant offers you terrific meals by prominent guest chefs who change monthly, thus assuring an ever-changing menu for discerning guests. Plan on joining us for this insider view of the racing world topped off with a delicious repast. Advance reservations are required for your gourmet meal at the Ikarus Restaurant.
Hangar-7 is open to the public daily with no admission charge.
After your gourmet lunch it will be possible to combine your Exclusive Class tour of Hangar-7 with a visit to the old town of Salzburg (Private Tour 6), Mozart's birthplace and hometown, site of the famous Easter and summer music Festivals. Here the Old World and its craftsmen await you with many fine stores; or visit the historic venues sightseeing with me on a walking tour through the many cobblestone streets. At the end of the day a coffee and pastry in a tiny classic Bäckerei or Konditorei (pastry shop) concludes the day before returning to Munich. This is a treat you will not want to miss.
Please book this tour well in advance as reservations at the Ikarus are generally limited.

Hangar-7 - The Dynamics of an Idea
The Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is a unique architectural work of art. It was originally planned to house the evergrowing collection of the Flying Bulls' historic aircraft and has now also become a synonym for avant-garde architecture, modern art and high-class gastronomy. The wing-shaped construction - a breathtaking combination of glass and steel - perfectly melts into the landscape. The view to the majestic Alps intensifies the extraordinary energy of the location. Since it's opening, Hangar-7 has developed into an international hotspot for historic aviation enthusiasts. It is also a successful exhibition centre; every three months HangART-7 presents the contemporary art of another country. Each event is as unique as the Restaurant Ikarus itself, which enthrals its clientele with its supreme international culinary delights.

Wooden sailing yacht S.Y. Albatros, Built in 1905

Sail with the Albatros!
A beautiful 16-meter, long-keeled wooden sailing yacht built for Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1905.
In 1905 the Russian emperor, Tsar Nikolas II, ordered a ship to be built as a gift for his imperial cousin the King of Prussia, Wilhelm II, the German Kaiser.

The sailing yacht Skidbladnir, (now known by the name Albatros) was built at his command in Hamburg, Germany, by the Max Oertz Shipyards. This vessel was eventually transported to Lake Constance (known in Germany as Lake of Bodensee). It sailed for years under the King's Flag until the collapse of the Monarchy in 1918 at the end of World War One.
In 1936, during the Third Reich, Heinrich Seidl, who was the founder of Germany’s first inland sailing school, located on Lake Ammersee near Munich, bought the Albatros. Decades later the Albatros was totally rebuilt and refurbished in 2004/ 2005; among the improvements there was a new teak deck and salon with WC installed.
I have often seen Albatros, now a cruise ship, sailing on Lake Ammersee, which is surely one of Bavaria's most beautiful lakes with a spectacular view of the Alps. Johns Bavarian Tours is especially proud to offer an Albatros Cruise as one of our finest and unique attractions.

Should you book this excursion, this will be a treat you will long remember. I will be happy to arrange your sailing with the Albatros and will personally accompany you on board. Although I myself have also owned a sail boat and know these waters well, we will cruise under the command of the Albatros's own fully-licensed, professional skipper.
For more details and prices please inquire using my contact form. The Albatros Cruise is part the Johns Bavarian Tours Exclusive Class, in this case, a veritable "imperial" special service!

Flying above Bavarian Alps- paragliding tandem flights

Para Gliding with the Exclusive Class!
Man’s "Dream of Wings" and the desire to fly were once King Ludwig’s heartfelt desire which he never experienced; but can now be your reality.

Sitting on a pillow of air you will fly above Bavarian Alps with a professional licensed pilot to guide your flight.
Now you can fly over the fabulous Bavarian Alps, thanks to Johns Bavarian Tours' unique Exclusive Class special offer, a feat our once upon a time Fairytale King may of dreamed of but never realized! At last, an opportunity which visitors to Bavaria can enjoy, which is a delight normally reserved only for resident professional pilots.
For many years I have watched the Para-Gliders soaring over Bavarian Alps. They climb on thermo-like steps above the alps with their colorful sails, flying Para Gliders. It has long been a wish of mine to be able to offer my clients the experience of flying above Bavarian Alps; now I can offer you my guests just that.
Here's how it happened:
Just a week or so ago, one of the professional pilots contacted me offering his services to my Exclusive Class guests. The key to flying, as Craig and Charles, our pilots, tell me is flexibility! This means that your day's program in the air and on the ground will be depending on the weather and the time of your flight.

Here's what to expect: Your flight will take you above and as close as possible to Bavarian Alps. If you wish, you may order a film of your flight; surely the most unusual document of any trip you may take. The only exact time-slot that will be pre-planned and adhered to will be the departure time for our return to Munich.

It is my special pleasure to be able to offer you yet another very special experience with the Exclusive Class, a service unique to Johns Bavarian Tours. For more details and prices please inquire using my contact form.

Dreams on Wheels offered by Johns Bavarian Tours (Owner, Stefan Glaser)

Träume auf Rädern (Dreams on Wheels): Owner, Stefan Glaser
In today’s modern world we have moved away from what our fathers once so much enjoyed. One of those joys was riding in an open car where you can feel, hear and even smell everything around you, actually absorbing Nature, and becoming a veritable part of the environment you inhabit!
Here in Munich we are close to some of the best roads in Europe for driving rare and classic sports cars, better known as roadsters. Now some of this joy of yesteryear can also be yours thanks to Stefan Glaser.
Stefan Glaser has taken a dream to own a fleet of Vintage-car’s and turned it into a business, one that you, too, may enjoy. Stefan’s rare collections of Classic Cars are two- seated gems which are historically preserved, featuring all their original details.

Here's his offer: Stefan will personally pick you up at your hotel and take you for a spin in the car of your choice for half a day, or even an entire day. You will be thrilled to feel what it was like to drive through southern Bavaria the way it was some 50 years ago and earlier.
Remember this offer has limitations: Be aware that seating is limited so he can only take one adult at a time, a one-on deal!

Johns Bavarian Tours is once again proud to offer you this unusual experience so seldom encountered -- except in John's Exclusive Class booking. Please be sure to fill out the contact form early so we can arrange this exceptional experience for you, guaranteed well in advance.

Left: Fiat Dino Spider 1967
The Fiat Dino (Type 135) is an exotic front-engine, rear-drive sports car manufactured between 1966 and 1973. The Fiat Dino allowed Ferrari to achieve the necessary production numbers to homologate Alfredo Ferrari's (better known by his nickname of "Dino") V6 engine for Formula racing. The Fiat Dino Spider was introduced at Turin Motor Show 1966.
Middle: Austin Healey 3000 MK III BJ8 1964
The MK III / BJ8 was the final version of the Big Healey six-cylinder cars. It was introduced in 1963 and built during the last four years of production. With the help of two SU HD8 carburetors, the three-liter engine offered 150 horsepower. The MKIII was the most luxurious of the Healey-roadsters.
Right: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1960
Pininfarina built the Giulietta as a convertible and with the code name “Spider” from 1955 to 1962. The engine of the Giulietta Spider had a cylinder capacity of 1281 cm³ and a maximum performance of 80 HP. The noise of the exhaust sounded very characteristic for all of the Giuliettas. Top speed reached 165km/h and put the Giuliettas into the group of street legal sports cars of  that time.
All information and photos property of Stefan Glaser: Träume auf Rädern

Neuschwanstein castle

"Neuschwanstein Holiday Package"

Let the Exclusive Class of Johns Bavarian tours make this dream holiday easy and extremely comfortable for you with a special offer.

Buick Road Master 72, Built in 1956

Buick Road Master 72, Built in 1956
Technical Information: Builder Buick, Displacement: 5300 ccm, Car Body by Fisher, Motor V 8, Seats 6 persons, 8 Cylinder, 258 Horse Power
History: Up to 1956 Buick had built over 1 million automobiles. However, there were only 11,804 finished Buick Road Master 72's manufactured. Of this entire production, only 15 units are still in existence worldwide. Our Buick Road Master is one of the seldom limousine models representing the 1950's the glamorous early years of rock n' roll and Elvis. This unique old-timer has a certification of originality, referred to as an (Fiva-Paß) in Germany.

Piper PA 28 - 161

Piper PA 28 - 161
Built in: 1987; Power: 160 Hp; Seating: 1Pilot 3 Guests; Speed: ca. 200 km/h; Flying distance possible: ca. 600 km
2nd plane airplane of the same type with a strong motor is available for larger groups.

Buick 8-57, Built in 1931

Buick 8-57, Built in 1931
Technical Information: Builder Buick, GMC, Displacement: 3600 ccm, Car Body by Gläser, Dresden, Seats 5 persons, 8 Cylinders, Total weight 2080 Kg, 77 Horse Power
History: This five-seater convertible is not only known for comfort but can be driven with the complete top closed offering all the advantages of a limousine. When the convertible top is up there is no loss of interior space in the passenger room in so far as that the top takes no space away from passengers. Thus, the automobile can still be referred to as a limousine when the top is closed. That the car could be heated during colder weather was also a distinct advantage. The rear windows go back so far that the passenger may also enjoy the view without obstruction.
The American auto manufacturer Buick was founded in 1903 and still exists to this day.
What is very special about this automobile are its body, frame and motor which were exported to Berlin-Boriswalde, Germany, in 1931 from the USA. The Gläser Company was commissioned to assemble this special auto for their client who wished a German customized body. Gläser was a very well known manufacturer of auto bodies and working for such well-known companies as Horch, Maybach, Mercedes, Cadillac, Wanderer, and Stoewer. Since this car was only made in Europe and there are no others known to be in existence, ours is the only one of its kind still existent worldwide.

Double-Decker Antonow AN-2

Double-Decker Antonow AN-2
Fly with the largest single motor Double-Decker in the world!
Technical Information: Length 12,74 meters, Height 6,10 meters, Maximum Starting Weight 5,500 kilograms, Highest Speed 258 km, Longest distance reachable 900km, Can fly up to 5000 meters above sea level, Motor 9-Cylinders Star Motor (1000 ps or hp), Pilot and Co Pilot up to 12 guests possible.
History: The AN-2 (NATO-Codename "Colt") has been built since 1949 about 15.000 times in the Sowet Union, Polen, China, South America and Africa. The AN-2 is the largest single motor Double Decker in world. The motor is Shetsov-Star Motor with 9 cylinders displacement of 30 Liters producing a power of 1.000 PS (Hp). This power is needed to lift the total weight 5 ½ tons in the air. The Antonow can start and land on most all landing fields even grass, and gravel.

Only a short strip of several hundred meters needed for landing and take offs. This version of the AN-2P was built for 12 Passengers or 1.250 kilogram of freight. The most comfortable speed of flight is about 180 km meaning that a distance of 900 km can be reached before refueling of 1200 liters. The Antonow uses 7 liters per person during 30 minute flight time. After every 50 flying hours there is a inspection made on a regular basis.

Wanderer W 24 C, Built in 1938

Wanderer W 24 C, Built in 1938
Technical Information: Builder Auto-Union, Displacement: 1800 ccm, Car Body by Horch, Seats 4 persons, 4 Cylinder, 42 Horse Power
History: In 1885 the mechanic Johann Baptist Winklhofer established a small bicycle dealership. Later in 1907, he began to manufacture tools, bicycles and office machines under the name of Continental. In this same year the first Wanderer automobile was built. In 1932 four automotive manufacturers Audi, Horch, Wanderer and DKW formed a four-member producers' union or conglomerate.

The only one of the original four that still exists today is Audi. The Audi trademark consisting of four interconnected rings commemorates the Auto Union's four founding members. This trademark can still be found on every Audi car. The Wanderer W 24 belongs to the most comfortable - luxury model - of four-seater convertibles. It was considered to be one of the finer upper middle class automobiles of its time. What sets the Wanderer apart from other cars is the body made and designed by Horch. There were only 5,023 automobiles built of this model. Today, only 32 are still know to be in existence. This unique old-timer has a certification of originality, referred to as an (Fiva-Paß) in Germany.