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Munich - Bavaria`s Capital

Schlossverwaltung Berchtesgaden

Infopoint - Museen & Schlösser in Bayern

ADG Europe

The American Drama Group Europe
world class theatre, for the whole world

Commercial Links

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Dedlerhaus - Woodcarving

Welcome to the parents-house from Rochus Dedler the inventor of the Oberammergauer passions-music.

Hotel Opéra Munich

Website: Hotel Opéra - The elegant and charming Hotel perfectly located in the Old Town, next to the Maximilian Straße.

STOCK resort in Tirol, Austria

Website: STOCK resort - one of the Best Sport- and Wellness Resort in Austria

Hotel Ernberg, Austria

Website: Hotel Ernberg and its cosy Restaurant "Gaststube"


Website: Villari - Porcelain & Home made in Italy // visit the Showroom

Axel Helbig Busunternehmen

Website: Axel Helbig Bus Company, Bavaria

Fluid Munich

Website: Fluid Munich Scuba Diving - Gear

Professional Helicopter Flights offers you individual and privately planned flights over Neuschwanstein and Upper Bavaria.

Hotel- und Reiseportal

Berlin Private Tours

Berlin Private Tours provides private, customized tours of Berlin, Germany.
get to experience Berlin your way ...

Zeppelin Flights

The Zeppelin NT is much more than just an „eye-catcher“ in the sky.

Travel Magazine

The pleasure of traveling: 12 Unique things to do in Munich (besides Oktoberfest)

Non Profit Organizations

Yaqu Pacha Organization

Website: Yaqu Pacha was founded in 1992 as an organization for the conservation of South American aquatic mammals.

Sharkproject International

Website: Sharkproject - Fight for sharks!