Terms & Conditions


Please note that all guests will be held responsible for any damage done to my vehicle during the tour. In order to limit accidental damage, only drinking water will be permitted in the vehicle. No open lotions or sun creams or food are permitted inside the vehicle. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Always happy to stop any time during the tour at your request.


After I have received your contact form with your choice of tours and tour dates, I will reserve a date for you. 

To confirm your booking a non-refundable transfer to my bank account is required; after all costs and deductions you will be informed of the final sum of your transfer once it has arrived on my account; this can change do to daily exchange rates. Please note that banks have services charges which may be charged that seem to vary from bank to bank. The remainder of my fees less your transferred sum which has arrived on my account will be due in Euros cash at the start of the tour on our first day.

After your deposit has been received; a statement of confirmation with the amount received will be sent to my client via email. 

All guests must have a valid passport and current vaccination ID with them at all times. 

Since many of my tours are in the mountains or during major European vacation periods the following conditions apply for your safety and comfort.

Your safety is the top priority in the event of hazardous road conditions or extreme traffic situations during holiday periods.

Please note that I reserve the right to change routes or destinations during the tour to accommodate adverse weather conditions or traffic problems. Once your tour day has started should a part of the tour or the tour itself be cancelled due to changing weather conditions or traffic delays while in route; no refunds will be made. I will be happy to offer you an alternative service at this time when possible.

I reserve the rights to change all tours in winter during the tour according to changing weather situations; there will be no refund if parts of a tour are not possible. Clients who book tours during the winter months have read and accepted my terms and conditions before booking the tour and understand that these situation can occur. Should I be forced to cancel a day because of weather before the tour has started you will receive a full refund in Euros cash.

During major European and German vacation periods one may experience extremely heavy traffic situations; when required you will be offered an alternative program but no refund when your destination not possible.


The parties agree that any action for any claim shall be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Bayern know as (Bavaria), Germany.

According to the new German law under ยง 23 Abs.4 StVO the following will be in effect during all tours until further notice for your safety and protection. Thank you for your help and cooperation as this law will be enforced with very high fines.
1) All passages older than 7 years are required to wear a mask covering mouth and nose.
2) The front seat is only for use of the driver, passengers must enter by way of the rear door only.
3)  At all times you are to keep a distance of 1.5 between yourself and your driver guide during your tour day.

*Should you or a member of your group have cold, sore throat or fever please ask this member of the group not to take part in this tour. Thank you again for your honestly and cooperation.


After a confirmation has been given via email, a cancellation fee of Euro 200,00 will be charged, this is payable via bank transfer like a deposit.
Should the client themselves cancel a booked tour for any reason at any time, there will be no refunds of any kind.

Waver concerning Airport transfers:

All guests will be brought to the airport with ample time so as to meet all current security requirements.
Should for any reason you not be able to make a flight or connection, I will not assume any responsibilities. Please note that your day will be planned so that you are at the airport with plenty of time to spare.


Your reservation acknowledges these terms and conditions.