Our pilots - the experience

Craig Papworth. Was born in Zimbabwe. “Cannot think of a time when I didn’t want to fly like a bird” Craig began flying hangliders in the UK in 1981 but converted to flying paragliders in 1997 in South Africa. He has been a tandem pilot at Neuschwanstein  Castle for 6 seasons and has also been a tandem pilot in Pokhara Nepal. In the off season he takes paragliding safaris to far off destinations around the planet. His love of flying is mingled with his love of travel. Meeting travelers from all over the world and introducing them to the wonder of free flying is what it’s all about. Craig is a qualified DHV (German) tandem pilot.

Charles Kirsten loves to fly paragliders and wants to share his love of the sport with you. He is a licensed and insured tandem pilot in both Germany (DHV) and the United States (USHPA).  He is also an Advanced Instructor, able to give to the highest level of training and licenses in the USA. Flying since 1995, he has worked as a tandem pilot and Instructor all over the world, including Aspen Paragliding (Aspen, Colorado, USA), Blue Sky Paragliding (Pokhara, Nepal)and Cloud Nine Paragliding, (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA). He is also a retired EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and ambulance service Director of Mountain Ambulance (Aspen Colorado, USA). With thousands and thousands of safe flights under his belt, he looks forward to flying with you.

Para Gliding with the Exclusive Class, a service unique to Johns Bavarian Tours.