Enjoy your holidays overseas from the start with my advice.

Jet Lag
How to beat it.

Flying to Munich from far away? Here are a few pointers on how to get over it faster.
Just a small piece of advice from someone who has made these trips very often.

  1. To begin with 2 days before you fly no alcohol or heavy food.
  2. If possible no coffee or caffeine drinks especially on the day
  3. During the flight no alcohol or caffeine but you should drink lots of water; even before you fly. The more water you drink the better you will feel. In the morning before you have landed a coffee is ok, and it will really work!
  4.  This my personal preference but may not be for everyone. Break all the rules after you arrive, go to bed a few hours or until you wake up. Then get up and eat something, watch a little TV or entertain yourself; staying up as long as possible. When you feel tired go back to bed and sleep through to the next day.
  5. After you first arrive here it is very important to eat all the time when you feel hungry, to start with. Starting on your first day eat at regular meal times of where you are; your basic three meals a day.  

With all these tricks you will beat the clock and your jet lag in 24 to 48 hours.