16. Altötting, once visited by Pope Johannes II; & regularly by Pope Benedict XVI; Marktl Birth Place of Pope benedict XVI; Germany's largest fortress Burghausen.

Black Madonna

We will depart Munich and first drive to Altötting. Here we may visit this very famous church square before a stop in at the birth place of our new Pope, the small city of Marktl.
Within the church are the hearts of the Bavarian Kings. The Black Madonna from an unknown artist in 1400 can be found in one of the oldest churches in Germany; first mentioned in 877.


Marklt is the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI, Burghausen one of Germany largest fortifications. Founded by Duke Heinrich XIII of Lower Bavaria (1255-1290).


Knights' Hall: Exhibited in the Great hall you will find furniture, paintings, sculpture and wall hangings; these being from Gothic and Renaiissance times, showing how the dukes had lived.


We will abandon this Pope and fortress Tour and depart Burghausen; return to Munich in the late afternoon.