36. Automotive Tours to Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche - Germany’s Top Auto Factories & Finest Automotive Museums

BMW Welt Munich

Tour of Germany’s finest Auto Manufactures

One of the most exciting and impressive tours I have ever been privileged to offer is now available for booking. Please note that due to the unique nature of special arrangements and complex requirements these bookings must be made 3 to 6 months in advance.

BMW Welt and Museum, Munich

Starting immediately, tours to Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche's world-famous factories and museums are available for booking.
As for the crowning experience of your Auto Manufacturers' Tour we may also visit the world renowned, once Formula One racing track of Nurburgring. Furthermore, it will also be possible to rent a specially-prepared car allowing you to have the thrill of a lifetime -- a chance to pilot your own car on the Nurburgring.

Nurburgring starting gate

Each venue will require several days and you will need to spend time in Munich, Stuttgart and Nurburg in order to visit these fabled factories, museums and the famous race track.

Nurburgring, little monsters ahead

For your comfort and enjoyment I will help you with charming hotels in the city centers of Munich and Stuttgart. Should you wish to also visit the Nurburgring, I have found a good hotel located nearby.

The Nurburgring is in the scenic Eifel section of the Rhineland Palatinate located between the Rhine and Mosel rivers, Germany's most famous wine-growing areas. Great wine, fabulous scenery!

The tours will be individually planned according to your personal automotive interests. Therefore, please keep in mind that all factory tours must be booked far in advance, so please contact me right away!

BMW Welt Munich

+---  Proposed Automotive Tour planning  ---+

On day one, meet and greet you at Munich International Airport. I will be waiting for you outside security with a sign showing your name when you arrive.
We will then make an introduction tour of Munich before going to Lunch in BMW Welt. After Lunch I will bring to you to your Munich Intercity hotel. During the rest of the day you may relax and get settled.

Beauty of Upper Bavaria is waiting

On day two I would like to show you my backyard in a tour of upper Bavaria with one or more of castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

BMW Factory, Museum & World Head Quarters

On day 3. Your first Auto tour to BMW Factory and Museum.

Audi Ingolstadt - copyright Audi AG (Au130288)

On day 4 we will depart your Munich Intercity hotel early morning to drive to Audi Factory and Museum in Ingolstadt or we will go straight to Stuttgart.
When you visit the Ingolstadt location’s we may return to Munich afterward. It is also possible that our tour will take us directly to Stuttgart to visit the Audi manufacturing plant in Neckarsulm. Please note that this will be worked out in detail with you personally.

Porsche factory and Museum

On day 5 leaving from your Stuttgart Hotel we will visit Porsche’s factory and Museum.

Mercedes Factory and Museum

On day 6 from your Stuttgart hotel we will visit Mercedes Factory and Museum.

Green Monster Nurburgring

On day 7 we will drive to Nurburgring and check in to your hotel and spend the day near track.

On day 8 you may rent a specially equipped car the track and drive it yourself the rest of the day will spend in the area.
>>> Experience of a lifetime, the Nürburgring - be yourself on the track as the driver <<<

Porsche Museum

On day 9 we may return to Munich departing early in the morning hours for this longer return trip to Munich. It is best to plan this day on a Sunday when possible.

Please note this is just to give you an idea of what could be possible. Many variations of this program can and will be offered to fit your requests; it will be planned as you like according to the amount of time you have at hand. Once we have worked out your personal program I will write you a detailed quote.