15. Bayreuth: Margrave's Opera House and Old Palace.

Bayreuth, Old Palace Hermitage, 1735

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Fountains of the Hermitage, Apollo's Temple 1753-7

This is a tour for those who wish a full day of unbelievable cultural delight. Please give me lots of advance notice for our planning.
An early start is a must as the locations and Bayreuth are over two hours from the city center of Munich.

Fountains of the lower grotto, Bayreuth

Beautiful fountains of the lower grotto, seen on my Bayreuth Tour. This is just one example of the large historical garden of the Eremitage.

The Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth

Bayreuths Margravial Opera House: Built from 1744-48 a true gem of culture to behold! A great experience to get inside.

Code of Arms, Margravine Opera House

Above the stage: Code of Arms of Margravine Opera House. The Margravial Opera House at Bayreuth is mostly the well preserved baroque opera house in Germany and Europe.

Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth 1709-58

Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth 1709-58. Wilhelmine was responsible for the construction and renovations of the many palaces, gardens, fountains and the world famous opera theater.

New Palace and court gardens 1753

Hermitage Old Palace and Court Garden was built in 1753; designed for Wilhelmine known for her Room of Fragmented Mirrors with Chinese motifs.
New Palace in the Hermitage houses, the sun temple which is a tribute to Apollo, 1753-57.

Morgenländischer Bau, 1748

Bayreuth/Wonsees and his Sanspareil Rock Garden and Oriental Building. Found below the medieval castle (Burg Zwernitz), and ordered restored in 1744 by Margrave Friedrich.

Bayreuths Opera House of Richard Wagner

Opera House of Richard Wagner built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria; bronze bust can be found behind the Wagner Museum in Bayreuth.

Bronze: Ludwig II of Bavaria - Bayreuth Wagner Museum

So you can (see) there are several points of interests on this Bayreuth Tour! Margravial Opera House, New Palace, Eremitage, Old Palace, Baroque Gardens and the Oriental Building.