35. Brewery tours in Upper Bavaria to celebrate 500 years’ German Beer Purity Law 1516.

Monastery Scheyern

"German Beer Purity Law”. -- "Das deutsche Reinheitsgebot" -- One of the world's earliest pure food laws defining what constitutes beer regulating the ingredients used in its manufacture in Germany. First formally put into effect in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria.

Courtyard of Stein

For most of these tours we will depart our Munich Intercity Hotel at 8:00 AM.

Munich has four major breweries located in the city center of which most people visiting Munich are aware when they come here. What our guests do not know are the many fine breweries located outside our capital city.

Here in Upper Bavaria are many well-known, extremely old monasteries. Here they say, “The monks made (and the monasteries still make) the best beer.”  Well, that is more than a saying: it is the truth.

Old Fortress in Stein

Some of the larger monasteries have small breweries. That offer a large selection of seasonal beers and also corresponding to Church calendar celebrations like Kirta (once year market), Advent, Lent -- the Strong Beer Season among others.

In addition to fine beer, most monasteries also offer delicious regional food as they have very good restaurants as a part of their Brewery.

Scheyern Church

The impressive churches and/or monasteries themselves are filled with exquisite Bavarian High Baroque artwork for you to enjoy. To top it all off, each Brewery is soaked in history, legend and culture to the delight and surprise of each lucky visitor.

Johns Bavarian Tours is proud to offer you several of these fine monastery and brewery tours as private day trips from Munich. These brewery tours will be offered in English, several of which offer tastings as part of the tour.

Upper Bavarian Beer festival

These Brewery Tours are within an hour or two of Munich, so we return to the city in the early or late afternoon.

It will be possible to plan a full week of Brewery Tours with a visit to a different brewery every day. To conclude our Brewery Tours week, we can arrange to visit to a beer museum, a one-of-a-kind treat.

Possible is a combination with Tour 13 (Weihenstephan Brewery in Freising). The oldest, still functional, brewery in the world!

Maxlrain Brewery offers great food and beer only

Be sure to book this tour early as it requires lots of detailed planning.

Please fill out my Contact Form with any question you may have, I will send you all the details in my reply.