12. Day Tour, City of Landshut.


Begin 8:00 am
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About an hour from Munich is one of the oldest towns in Bavaria. We start by visiting the Medieval Castle that overlooks the town. Landshut: A very charming city.

From 1204 to 1255 Landshut was the capitol of Bavaria; this was later changed to Munich. Every four years the entire city population repeats and celebrates the Landshuter Hochzeit (marriage); dressing in original costumes, turning the city into a living medieval town. The son of Herzog Ludwig der Reiche 1450-79; George was married to the Polish Kings daughter Hedwig, November 13, 1475. All the food and drink was paid for by the King, they married in St. Martin.

Landshut Residenz

The pharmacy was told to have enough laxative on hand so that the guests could gone on eating, and eat even more!

The cost was 60766 Rheinische Gulden. The guests ate: 323 oxen (polish of course), 285 pigs, 1750 sheep, 1500 young lambs, 490 cows, 11500 geese, 40,000 chickens, 19500 chicken eggs and tons fish. Hedwig had only one daughter, she was band to Burghausen where she died in 1502 at the age of 45. The very famous University in Landshut was moved Munich in 1800.

After some shopping in Landshut we return to Munich. This would be a nice tour for one of the last days in Bavaria; as the town has much charm.

There are many fantastic small medieval towns near Munich that are a dream to visit.