27. Regensburg: UNESCO World Cutural Listing. A Middle Age City of Romantic and Glory!

The Ship Museum which is in front of the World Famous Stone Bridge

Door to Door service is yours with all my tours, beginning and ending at you Munich hotel. Relax and enjoy your holiday with me as your driver, guide and translator.
Departing from your Munich hotel at 8:00 AM.
We will first drive by where the famous Bavarian hops are grown which are used by Munich's many breweries. You will see the wire frames that support the vines, used in growing the hops for the beer that is exported world wide. From late July until the end of September you can see the hops growing here.
The landscape being soft, lush rolling green hills which is mostly farm land.

The famous Regensburger Dome St. Peter

The old medieval village of Regensburg has much to offer you my guests.
The earliest history goes back before 1100 AD. This is no place for cars, so we will leave our car. A walk through the narrow cobble stone streets will reveal some of the many hidden treasures the city has to offer.
There are structures dating back to Roman times hidden in this ancient city with its many different historical peroids.
One of many good places to start a walking tour is the famous Regensburg Dome St. Peter from 1100 AD; with its 105 meter steeple's.

Tour boats go up and down the Danube

Tour boats go up and down the Danube (Donau) on a regular basis. This boat is about to pass under the World Famous Stone Bridge, built between 1135-46 AD.

This tour has many options you can choose from such as the boat tour through the most narrow point of the Danube, to a delightful Monastery.
Here you will be at the foot of the tiny village of Kelheim which also has several interesting points to visit.

Liberation hall (Walhalla) built from King Ludwig

Walhalla (Liberation hall, also known as the "Hall of Fame") above the Danube River east of Regensburg was built 1815 from King Ludwig the 1st of Bavaria. Between 1830 and 1842 by the architect Leo von Klenze.

Along the danube

A very enjoyable and exciting side trip option is a trip on large comfortable boats to the Donaubuch.

Inside the famous Monastary Weltenburg

Here you may also visit the world famous Monastery, Weltenburg founded in 700 AD, with the chapel build by the Assam brothers in 1721.

We will need about 2 hours driving time to return to Munich, after our delightful Regensburg day trip back in time.

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