30. Starnberg Lake by Munich, with a visit to the Rose Island Casino and more!

Glass Column 1854, built by Ludwig Ferdinand Hesse

Follow with me in the foot- steps of Ludwigs II and his cousin Sissy (Kaiserin Elisabeth of Austria) to the Lake of Starnberg and the famous Rose Island.
A hidden jewel on an island, in the deep blue Bavarian lake of Starnberg. The Rose Island with its villa that was built by the Royal Bavarian family Wittelsbachers and named the Casino.

This tour is only possible from May 15 to early October.

Ferry to the Rose Island, Starnberg lake

We will depart your Munich hotel at a very comfortable time which you may choose or my suggested time of 9:00 AM; driving to the nearby lake. After a short walk of 10 to 15 minutes a ferry will take you to the Island.

Sign about the history of the rose island

In 1853 King Maximilian II of Bavaria commissioned Peter Joseph Lenné to design a park on the west shore of the Starnberger See. The park, which combines decorative formal and natural landscape elements, was laid out by Carl von Effner. He also commenced to build a palace much later in 1863, this was not take any further after the early death of the king in March 1864. In 1850 Maxmilian gave the order to build the Casino which was a small house summer house on the island of the Rosen Insel which he bought from the family Kugelmüller. His plan to build a villa for the Royal family as a summer palace on the lake shore was never completed.

Desk used by Sissy and Ludwig

The Casino was build between 1851 and 1853 and is now open to the public from May to October. Queen Marie's desk in sleeping room which was used by Sissy and Ludwig for their poetry messages.

Inside the Casino

After the sudden death of King Maximilian II in 1864 his son Prince Ludwig the II was made King of Bavarian.

Entrance for tour and cat and peacock wait to be fed

For King Ludwig II the Rosen Insel was his place to with draw and get away from the busy outside world. His guest were Richard Wagner, Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Ludwig has some 950 different roses planted on the island.

King Ludwig II & Baroness Sophie of Bayern

After Ludwig tragic death on June 13, 1886 the island fell into ruin. In 1970 the Royal family sold it to the state of Bavaria for 800,000 DM. Since that time it has been restored it historical and original beauty little by little and is now open to public from May to Oct each year.

View of the Starnberg lake to the Alps in fall

There is a delightful view of the Starnberg lake to the Alps. Ideal for a romantic walk and to entjoy this trip.

Your boat is waiting for you

After return to land by boat we can enjoy lunch in the house where Sissy stayed during her visits here.

The Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

The Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth which offers fine cakes and coffee or lunch has a delight history and menu. Overlooking Lake Starnberg, it’s no wonder that the hotel was one of Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s favourite places to be.

Statue of Kaiserin Elisabeth

After lunch we can take stroll in the gardens where Kaiserin Elisabeth "Sissy" once walked. Like in the footsteps of Sissi the later empress of Austria.

Kaiserin Elisabeth Museum

The Empress Elisabeth Museum is set up in the stylishly designed royal lounge of the historical railway station in Possenhofen.

Collection of Empress Elisabeth Museum

The guests are invited to see the Empress's life in all its glory but also the dark sides of life at the Vienneze court through the documentation and exhibits.

Bisquit (Statue of Kaiser Franz Joseph of Austria and his wife Kaiserin Elizabeth of Austria)

After learning all about the famous Empress Elisabeth we will make a drive around the lake of Starnbergersee to Berg.

The cross, a memorial for Ludwig II, King of Bavaria

After learning all about the famous Empress Elisabeth we will make a drive around the lake of Starnbergersee to Berg. Here we will walk through a beautiful park along the lake to the Ludwig Cross. This is where Ludwig II and his psychiatrist Dr. Gudden were found in the lake face down in knee deep water drowned, as the report stated.

This was considered as a safe theory for a long time. Now a letter from the King creates doubt concerning this theory. Read the article on the Süddeutsche Zeitung!

At the end of this day inspiring day, I will return you to your Munich hotel.

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100 years anniversary Votivkapelle in Berg, 127 death day of King Ludwig II.
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