Welcome to the Kingdom of King Ludwig II of Bavaria

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Roy and Walt Disney visited Neuschwanstein in 1935 making photos from every angle before building Cinderella's Castle in Disneyland, this information is not written in any books but comes from my personal contacts and experience.

You will need several days to make my full day tours, where I will show you his many castles. Ludwig’s life has become my passion, which I will be delighted to share with you. During your tours days with me I will tell you many of stories that very few people know.

You should allow at least two full days for my tour highlights, but with three you can move totally into Ludwig’s world ending your last day where his body was found June 13, 1886.

My suggested tours have many options: Private Tour 5 (Linderhof Palace, Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, and new Wittelsbacher Museum), Tour 10 (Herren Chiemsee Palace, fountains and Ludwig Museum), lastly Tour 30 (Starnbergsee and Rose Island a vacation Villa built by Ludwig’s father where Ludwig and Sissy once met, also the new Sissy Museum); these are all full day tours.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Should you only have two days then Private tours number 5 and 10 are a must!

Please be sure to visit my Neuschwanstein website to read about our famous King who really was not mad at all like the internet websites lead you to believe.

Please fill out my Contact Form with any question you may have, I will send you all the details in my reply; my bookings are very limited this year so please book early!

Ludwig II was insane and drowned in Lake Starnberg. This was considered as a safe theory for a long time. Now a letter from the King creates doubt concerning this theory. Read the article on the Süddeutsche Zeitung!

"Neuschwanstein Holiday Package"

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