5. King Ludwig Tour w/Options of Oberammergau, Linderhof, Neuwchanstein & Hohenschwangau

Wittelsbacher Code of Arms

King Ludwig's II Neuschwanstein Castle Tour has so many options that I can name only a few like Oberammergau, Linderhof, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

This tour holds some of Germany's most popular touristic areas. We can make this tour according to your personal interests and tastes. As a historian on Ludwig I know many things that you would never hear anywhere else. Read the many comments from my guests who have made this tour with me in my references. The area holds the best that Bavaria has to offer in landscape panoramas and architecture.

Looking through King Ludwig's eyes makes this dream tour into reality!
On this Day Trip we will depart Munich at 8:00 AM in the morning and drive through the rolling countryside arriving at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, arriving at the world famous castle of Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein Castle; the dream home of King Ludwig II of Bavaria!
Door to Door service is yours with all my tours, beginning and ending at your Munich Hotel. Relax and enjoy your holiday with me as your driver, guide, and translator.

Ludwig Thoma House

The Neuschwanstein tour has many options which can be changed even while traveling. Entering the Alps you pass through a weather border. This is the entrance to the Alps; from here we will make our way to village of Oberammergau. Birthplace of the famous Bavarian playwright of Ludwig Thoma 1867-1921, also editor of the "Simplicissimus".
Oberammergau is known for the Passion Play performed every ten years. The painted houses and the fine art of woodcarving add to its many charms. Here is a paradise for those who wish to shop for Christmas decorations on a year round basis.

Linderhof Palace (c) Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung

After a shopping interlude we continue on to Ludwigs retreat Linderhof Palace. View of the main, south-north axis of the central complex, with the Linderhof palace in the middle.

Just a little history about where the name Linderhof came from. The first know owner of this former farm or in German Hof was from the family of Günter von Linder and Hans Linder who were mentioned in 1479; King Ludwig II adopted the former owners name calling his Palace Linderhof.

Linderhof Palace fountain Eastern Garden ©Photo by Rose

Fountain - angel with fish monster - in Linderhof Palace Garden. You will also find an other fountain in front of Linderhof palace. (Geyser 50 meters)

Linderhof Palace: Venus grotto ©Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung

Ludwig II embellished the park with architectural features. Be inspured by the Orient or Wagner's operas, such as the Venus Grotto.

Linderhof Palace: King Ludwigs Lion

A important part of the Code of Arms of the Wittelbacher family is the Lion. Ludwig's lion was show in the summer of 2009 at special exhibition held in the green house of Linderhof. The show was concerning the garden its maintance and planning as ordered by King Ludwig II. The lion is waiting to be restored before it takes its place in front of Linderhof Palace again.

photographic delight

Lunch is of course important now; and I always have some nice surprises. If the road is open I will treat you to a photographic delight.


Finally what you all have been waiting for King Ludwig's Holy Grail Castle Neuschwanstein better known to some as the Disney Castle or Cinderella Castle. Walt Disney used this entrance of Neuschwanstein Castle for his Cinderella Castle. Ludwig II took it from the medieval castle Wartburg in East Germany.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria allowed no visitors to his Neuschwanstein castle. But it is stated that since the doors have been open to the public in 1886 over 50 million guests have entered the holy halls of Neuschwanstein Castle.
One guest was Walt Disney who used Neuschwanstein for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

Castle Hohenschwangau

Across the street from Neuschwanstein is Hohenschwangau Castle here King Ludwig lived as a child. King Ludwig could see the construction of Neuschwanstein through a telescope in his music room.

Entrance to Hohenschwangau Castle

The Entrance to Hohenschwangau Castle with Bavarian Code of Arms, belonging to the Wittelsbacher Family.

Balcony of Ludwig II, Castle Hohenschwangau

Remember to ask me about the mystical stories concerning Ludwig's childhood, which made him famous as the Fairy Tale King!

Fountain of Four Lions, Hohenschwangau Castle

After our visit to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles, we may visit several Rococo churches before our return trip to Munich when time allows.

Heart Of Ludwig II - King of Bavaria

The hearts of the Bavarian Kings are located in the small chapel of the Black Madonna in town of Altötting.
Here the Golden Cup holding the heart of King Ludwig II of Bavaria 1845-1886 is shown.

Menu from Berggaststätte Bleckenau

Should you decide on my Ludwig tour to visit only Neuschwanstein Castle on the inside, then we will have lunch in the nearby Hunting House of the Bavarian Kings. The former hunting house in located at 1167 meters above sealevel. This is a rustical alpine hide-away called Bleckenau.

Please click on the Link in the text to view the video: Royal Murder Mysteries-King Ludwig II  ©Like A Shot Entertainment

Friends and people interested in King Ludwig II of Bavaria:
Here you will find cuts from a film I had the privilege to take part in which was made in 2016. I was invited to take part in this 44 minute Documentary concerning the death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It was a great pleasure for me.
Take a look at this and click here >> Showreel from "Royal Murder Mysteries - King Ludwig II". (Duration 8 mins/175 MB)

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After viewing the above film you may find it interesting to hear some information which has been printed in a yearly Bavarian Calendar called, "Der Oberbaierische Kalender".
In the 2020 Calendar it was told that both King Ludwig II and Bavaria’s last monarch King Ludwig III of Bavaria were both born in the same year 1845!
Der Oberbaierische Kalender 2011,  page 88.

The source of this information is from an article in a book named, (Bayerns  Märchenkonig by Anton Sailer  1983).  Page 166 and titled, "Ludwig II. – auf der Flucht erschossen?*

Everything which has been written concerning the death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria can only be seen as theories since there is no conclusive evidence to be found anymore. Different ideas and theories leave much room for thought. Here I have translated from the article and from the book which the article has been taken from:

The King did not die in the lake ( Der König starb nicht im See).
Statement from Priest Michael Beck (1854-1921).

In the late afternoon of June 13, 1886 the Priest Michael Beck from the parish of Aufkirchen was called to come to the Palace of Berg on the lake of Starnbergersee. He had been called to give King Ludwig II of Bavaria his last rights according to Roman Catholic traditions at 16:30 hours, as the King was dying. The Priest performed the last rights which consist of touching the forehead, hands and other parts of the body. He was not allowed to see or touch the back of the King.

The courts personal had been ordered to stop him physically in his duties, which meant that the complete traditional service could not be performed correctly. Beck then wrote a complete report of this situation which he gave to the Archbishop of Munich. His report stated clearly that the King was still alive and that the courts personal had prevented him from completing the Kings last rights.

Becks statement does not fit with the official statement which states that Ludwig and Dr. Gudden had started their walk in the park at 18:00 hour

A telegram had been send to Munich at 22:00 hours stating that the King and Dr. Gudden had gone for a walk but not yet returned.

Anton Sailor states in his book how he thinks it could have been.

At 15:00 hours King Ludwig II and 75 year old Psychiatrist Dr.Gudden departed Palace of Berg for a walk by the lake. At about 16:00 hours the King all of sudden ran towards the lake, Dr. Gudden ran after him trying to stop him. The security officers who had been following them out of sight then opened fire using a rifle called an windbox. Gudden was shot by mistake as he tried to stop the King and Ludwig was shot twice in the back, which did not kill him.  

It is possible that the King and Dr. Gudden were in the lake until 16:30 hours in shallow water where they were found, but it is not realistic to say they were in the lake until 19:30 or even as late as 22:00 hours; which was stated in the official version. 

Beck said he had seen drowned victims many times before and that this was not the case here. According to Beck the King died shortly after being given his last rights at 17:00 hours. The Roman Catholic Church should have the complete records of this information. 


You may also find Ludwig’s last letter of interest:

26 August 2016 – Süddeutsche  Zeitung  by Hans Kratzer, Translated from German to English using Google Translate with a little help from John. 
Last letter of King Ludwig II. Staatsstreich on Bavarian (A stately act against a Bavarian)

John dives with the Mermaid of Badersee

Mermaid of Badersee: Here as always there are many stories about this very beautiful Bronze statue which I made pictures of several years ago while scuba diving in this lake.

In 1849/49 it is said that his Majesty King Ludwig 1st of Bavaria (1786-1868), sank this statue in the lake Badersee where he had planned to build a hunting house; which was never built. It is said that the statue had some resemblance to his beloved Lola Montez.

The story that I am familiar with being a quite different. After the death of King Ludwig the II of Bavaria (1845-1886); his family and the state of Bavaria had very high debts. The statue was ordered by King Ludwig but was never delivered to him or paid for. In order to keep the Bronze statue from being taken by the state of Bavaria or anyone else for that matter, the sculptor sank it in the lake of Badersee; in about 6 meters or 18 ft. of ice cold water. I may add that it is in the middle of the lake near an island making it impossible to take it out. When the nearby hotel has row boats to rent, it is possible to see it from the surface. Unfortunately in the last years the hotel has not offered the rows boats anymore.

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