23. Day Trip: The Eng and the Alps

Munich's water reservoir comes from the Silverstein reserve

Begining 8:00 a.m. from your Munich hotel this is a full day tour.

Door to Door service is yours with all my tours, beginning and ending at your Munich Hotel. Relax and enjoy your holiday with me as your driver, guide, and translator.

High in the Alps untold natural beauty and splendor awaits you.

The Eng: A national Park with fantastic Mt. Panorama's in all directions

The roads are small and full of curves south of Munich, but the rewards are are never ending!

This being a tour of great natural beauty. Our destination is located just over the German boarder centered in the Austria Alps; a National Park.

The Eng which is over 1000 meters above sea level is located in between several mountians ranging from 2457 to 2749 meters.

Almkapelle, The Eng

Snow can be seen most of the year, the season is from late spring until Oct 31st. This also a cultural tour as one may visit the tiny village where cheese is made in the Maple tree forest inbetween the mountains.

Maple tree fall colors

I personally go here very often in the fall to see the trees change color and enjoy the clean mountain air. A step in the nature at the foot of the alps.

Me and an old maple tree

The very old trees are amazing! All seen on this The Eng Tour - High in the Alps with natural beauty.