My Artwork

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When refering to pictures please give all of the above information.
Reproduction slides are available on some of the above paintings, also from work that has been sold.
Many of these pictures have been filmed at the World Bank exhibition and are on the video.

Send me a mail to get the login and password to get a pricelist for galleries and dealers. Authentication required.

For individual prices please send me an email with picture number. Please when inquiring for prices using the picture number on the far left hand side of the page. Prices do not include tax, transport fees or packing and are subject to change with out notice.

Important Information

All pictures are painted with Professional Winsor and Newton water colour paint. Different materials had been used to paint upon.

Normal water colour paper (Paper or P )

100 % Cotton Paper made in Italy, England and France (CP)

Stetched Cotton or Linen all framed (SL)

Handmade Linen and Cotton paper see below (LC)*

*Here the material linen or cotton is glued to carton then put in press before being used.


List of Exhibition’s

Artist’s Biographical Statement