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First strands of wool were dyed by hand to provide wool of the precise colors utilized in the Wetstone watercolor that will provide the model for the work. Color is the essence of Mr. Wetstone's work, and achievement of the proper colors in wool is an exacting process. The colored wool are then meticulously layered by hand on a loosely woven wool mat called a "jute" ( pronounced yute) to produce the combination of colors and textures that gives life to the rendering. This is a extremely difficult undertaking, requiring all the skills of the artisans of Brno. The wool is then carefully stitched in place using a long piece of wood on which many very long needles are attached; fixing it on to the jute mat.

The result is a striking blend of fine craftsmanship and Mr. Wetstone's unique artistic style.

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Watercolors in 100% Wool: The Wetstone Tapestries

The magnificent fabric renderings displayed here were produced by hand through a pains taking process which traces back to the Fifteenth Century France. Each tapestry is unique, and no two are modeled after the same watercolor original.


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