References 2005 - Johns Bavarian Tours

Welcome to my references page; all my clients opinions are important to me.
After you have completed your tour, please send me an email with your personal commentary of our time together. 

Allow me to help plan your vacation in Bavaria from beginning to end!

my friends are safely back, and they sure enjoyed going on the tour with you. They were really pleased with your service and expertise and will recommend your service to their friends.
Thank you so much for making their trip to Germany enjoyable.


Hi John,
Thank you so much for your fabulous guidance during our stay.
We enjoyed the tour so very much. In fact, we thought your tours and your companionship made our trip. Steve and I are going through withdrawals from Munchen-Bavaria-Austria, etc.
On the way home from the airport we met a gentleman from Salzburg who was on the same van. We exchanged pleaseantries and memories regarding Salzburg. Go figure. Our last goodbye. My cousin and brother seem overeager to learn your name. It must be because of the positive experiences I've shared with them regarding our tours.
It's difficult to express such a magnificent experience in a few lines!
Magnificent!!! John Wetstone made our Holiday trip to Bavaria. Picking us up early morning (our request) and dropping us off prior to dinner filled our days with his artistic expertise and Munich's fascinating history. We traveled the snow-flaked back roads of Munich to Salzburg visited Ludwig's Castle and the most incredible architecturally designed churches I've ever seen. From time to time we keep in touch with John. It was more than just a tour...personal, private, preferred.


Hi John!
My clients, Roger and Margaret, said they had the most wonderful day with you in Munich. That is all they could talk about. I will keep your tours in mind with people I send to Germany. Thank you again.


Hello John,
Your watercolors do have a very calming affect. It's no wonder that you've placed many in doctor's offices. It was also interesting reading your biography. You've certainly had numerous opportunities to travel and have obviously made good use of the experiences.
We were lucky in that you didn't have a tour already scheduled for that Tuesday. You certainly did provide the means for us to see a great deal of what we'd hoped to (and in fact a good bit more with the two churches and Oberammergau as well), after it became clear that a walking tour of Dachau was out of the question. Once again, thanks for keeping the initial vacation portion of our trip from being a disaster. We found your personalized approach of conducting the tour to be excellent and will be sure to mention you to any of our friends who may decide to visit Munich.
We hope all is going well with you. Can't say yet when we'll be able to make it back to Munich but rest assured that when we do we'll certainly look you up. Thanks again for rescuing our vacation on very short notice - I guess it was made to be since you didn't already have a tour booked.

Midge & Bob

Thanks John,
Thanks, John, for the great day in Munich. We never expected to see so much in such a short period of time. We definitely want to come back. I have sent your brochures to my travel agent at Premier Travel, but of course, will keep one for myself.

Jan and Liz

Thank you again for the full day tour. It really was a full day and the sights were absolutely beautiful.
We took some great pictures for memories. You are a great guide with lots of information tucked away in that brain! We also enjoyed the resturant you droped us off at that evening.
Our trip to Germany was to short and we will definitely be back some day!
Take care,