References 2004 - Johns Bavarian Tours

Welcome to my references page; all my clients opinions are important to me.
After you have completed your tour, please send me an email with your personal commentary of our time together. 

Allow me to help plan your vacation in Bavaria from beginning to end!

My friend and I arrived for our first visit in Munich with limited time. I am a travel agent and had tried unsuccessfully on the internet to find a local guide that could assist us for the short time that we had. Most of the guides that I found were from England or France and required travel and accommodations which made it too expensive.
I wanted an english speaking local guide and was very lucky that John had dropped his brochure at the hotel where we were staying just a day before we arrived. The conciege gave me the pamphlet, I called that night, and John picked us up the next morning.
We spent two full days with John, going everywhere we wanted at our own pace. We initially hired John for one day but hired him for another once we realized how valuable his services were to our time schedule.
John is very knowledgable and personable. We had a wonderful two days together and parted friends. John's services are highly recommended by this Munich tourist. He was terrific!


Dear John,
Thank you for a wonderful tour to the Neuschwanstein-Castle, scenic Bavarian lanscape and awesome medieval churches. My clients were very happy even though it was a rainy day and a short encouter with "friendly" German secret police!
Best Wishes,

WoonPing Chia
Taipei, Taiwanb
Republic of China

Dear John,
We think of our time together as a fond memory that we will always cherish. You made our time in Munich special and we wish you all the best for the Holidays and the future.
With warmest regards,

Sal & Carol

... I am awed by what you are doing for us! I love my country John, but first rate service & attention to details aren't things I'vecome to expect on a regular basis here! I didn't expect that you' find us a room, and you will appreciate how sincere I am when I tell you that I spent a good deal of time this AM clicking on the many many hotels offered up on, only to get "Sorry, no vacancy"!!
Margaret & I aren't very formal people, nor do we ask much,....but you've been a prince to us. Meeting you was a pleasure, and my hopes are high that we can develop something for next year.
Thanks again for the tour, and the friendship!