References 2009 - Johns Bavarian Tours

Welcome to my references page; all my clients opinions are important to me.
After you have completed your tour, please send me an email with your personal commentary of our time together. 

Allow me to help plan your vacation in Bavaria from beginning to end!

We are sorry it has taken so long to respond back to you. There has not been much time to accomplish much lately. Feel free to check out our honeymoon thread on a forum I belong to. I still have not updated out blog.
"As my fiance and I began planning our wedding and honeymoon for 2008 which was over three years away back in 2006, I began to think back to my High School Christmas trip to Bavaria/Austria. I remembered how beautiful it was at this time of year and decided that a Christmas honeymoon in Bavaria would be wonderful for my fiance. Nearly three years before the honeymoon I began planning out our trip. Emailing countless private tour guides. After many responses the one that stuck out the most was Johns. With Johns help we began planning our honeymoon THREE YEARS in advance and even booked that far in advance which greatly helped with planning the rest of the honeymoon.
John couldn't have been any more helpful. He gave us many tips. We decided to split our tours into three days. The first day John would pick us up from the airport and tour Dachau. With John's knowledge, Dachau turned into one of the most memorable experiences from the trip and he very understood of our jet lag. He also helped us choose a wonderful and very quiet hotel for us.
The next day we were picked up for our Munich and Nymphenburg tour. What stood out the most from our tours was John's understanding of our needs and desires. He also made sure to become more than just another nameless tour guide.
Our last tour with John was two days later at our new hotel in Garmisch. John was right on time and we loved his no nonsense, but very relaxed pace. This tour was King Ludwig's castles which included stops at various churches, Hohenschwangau, and Linderhof. At the end of the day we were sad to see him go. John had made us feel incredibly comfortable and helped our transition into a new environment.
When we travel to the area again we will most certainly book another tour with him. Fantastic tours, wonderful personality, and amazing knowledge. The best tour guide in Munich."

The Honeymooner's Philip and Jennifery

Christmas Honeymoon in the Alps! - Great photos!

Many thanks for the tour recently we all enjoyed it and you were the perfect host, we will do it again in the spring hopefully, best of luck for 2009.

Best Regards, Niall & Brid and family
Dublin, Ireland

Dear John,
Thanks for the effort you put into our tours. I really appreciated it and will always remember Bavaria.
My family of 7 participated in 3 of John's tours early in January, 2009. His attention to planning was personal and meticulous, his knowledge of the local area extensive, and his manner friendly and courteous.
He picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel, and at all times, we felt confident that we were in safe hands. John was very reliable and followed through on all of the undertakings he had given when we engaged his services. His recommendations were very helpful.
With his help we were able to see the spectacularly beautiful Bavarian Alps with ease and comfort.
On behalf of all of us Turnour's, thanks for taking us around to all the great sites and restaurants in Bavaria. We couldn't have seen everything we wanted to without your help. The places you knew to took us were fantastic and we had a wonderful time. It was great to hear all of the history that went on; the Ludwig/Maximillian saga; the tragic day-to-day life at Dachau concentration camp and even the various types of cuisine that were local specialities.
Thanks for making our trip so memorable. It was a pleasure to have a native English (American) speaker as a guide.

The Turnour Family
East Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

John is a testament to the true personalized private tour.
His punctuality, flexibility and knowledge allow a comforting and entertaining day. Our tour of Munich and the surrounding areas allowed us to see so much in a very short time based on OUR schedule.
I would highly recommend John for the ultimate experience.
Thank you,

Dr. R. V.
Toronto, Canada

Hi John,
I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful two days that we spent with you touring southern Germany and Austria.
First of all, your country is BEAUTIFUL. What a pleasure it was to tour the magnificient spots that you chose for us. Traveling with teenagers posed unique requirements in interest and you rose to the occasion and helped us choose places that would be interesting to our entire group......ranging from the teenagers to a senior citizen.
You also went out of your way to locate interesting and unique places to eat and accommodated our desires to seek specific items to buy. You even got us back to Munich in time to see the rotating figures on the clock in the square.....which we throughly enjoyed .
Your expertise and knowledge of the local areas and customs proved to be invaluable.
Knowing when and where to go at these sites, being able to skirt the majority of the tourist crush, and the stories and information about the various sites made for the highest level of pleasure in visiting each place.
So, thank you again and I wish to offer my highest recommendation for your services to any group in the future.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear John,
Thanks very much for your expert guidance for our family group of 17 on the day trip from Munich through the Bavarian Alps. We appreciate the fact that you made it possible for us to see the main sights we had chosen in the short amount of time we had available.
The bus was very comfortable for a group our size and we had a fine lunch at the Hotel Ernberg. It was very helpful, too, that you picked us up at the hotel and dropped us at the Munich Hauptbahnhof.
Thanks again.

DeWitt and Gwen
Tiffin, Ohio USA

Dear John,
Certainly enjoyed your tours as you definitely have read up on your history and are a very informative tour guide.
If I know of anyone going to Munich I will certainly recommend they call you.
Thanks again,

Abilene, Texas, USA

We had a great time John.
You were a good host and very knowledgeable. Thanks for introducing us to some of the out-of-the-way sites -- and of course to your wonderful art collection.
Take care -- see you our next time in Munich.

Keith & Debbi
Los Angeles, California, USA

Aviation Group Testimonial - Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei Tour

I suppose the thought of taking a flight on a genuine German Zeppelin would be unique and exciting for anyone, but it is even more so for a group of 15 aviation executives! For this humble event planner, the anticipation lasted for nearly a whole year because the arrangements began that far in advance and culminated on a sunny Sunday in Bavaria on September 27th, 2009.
For months, there was even an unspoken worry that the VIP aviation guests might not even be enamored with the invitation because in the world of flight, they've seen and experienced it all, or so they say. Honestly, it didn't even really sink into any of our minds how eager the group was until the night before the scheduled flights.
It's even more daunting to be so excited about the flights and also know that if the weather weren't cooperative, it could ground the Zeppelin at short notice. Then there would be the disappointment involved in re-routing our group on an alternate tour, which would not involve any type of foray into the skies. This humble event planner gritted her teeth and earnestly prayed for phenomenal, perfect weather.
We boarded our coach bus in the wee hours of the morning, some of the 15 energetically bounding on the bus and others straggling sleepily on at the last minute before departure. Most folks watched the backs of their eyelids between downtown Munich and Friedrichshafen, instead of enjoying the beautiful drive through Bavaria. No one commented on the thick fog which hung over the landscape, seemingly threatening not to dissipate before the lift-off time of the first Zeppelin flight at 10:05 a.m. on that soon to be sunny Sunday, September 27th, 2009. This humble event planner nervously sat on the edge of her seat for the entire 2+ hour bus ride, still earnestly praying for a "good to go".
Lo and behold, the ending is a happy one! The fog lifted; the sight of the Zepplin waiting for the first group of passengers, breathtaking; the lift-off, outstanding; and then the quiet, relaxing flight over the Bodensee, absolutely magical! We did that twice - once at 10:05 and then again at 11:10.
From the bottom of our aviation-loving hearts, we send our thanks to John Wetstone and Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei for a most wondrous experience - twice in one day! It was unforgettable!

Tulsa, OK, USA

We spent two days with John Wetstone in July. He was fantastic! He is friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and professional.
The first day he took us to the Bavarian Alps. We visited the Eagle's nest (incredible history and fantastic views), then to lunch at Lake Konigsee (at a place mostly known by locals. It was lovely), then to the Salt Mines (hilarious) and on to Salzburg. In Salzburg we walked the town and had cakes and coffee.
John knew all kinds of extra things to suggest that we would have never known about and we thoroughly enjoyed his suggestions! By the end of the first day I felt like John was a friend.

The second day John picked us up and took us to Oberammergau, south of Munich, which is a charming wood carvers town with fairy tales painted on the buildings, cobblestone streets, the Alps rising in the background, etc. We shopped for Christmas decorations. We went on to see Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, but before that we went to Schloss Linderhof. John strongly felt we would enjoy Schloss Linderhof and as he is an expert on King Ludwig I trusted him. I'm so glad I did! Schloss Linderhof was one of the highlights of the day!

John showed us a beautiful waterfall and a darling town, Fussen, that is one of his favorites. He took us to a restaurant in Austria for lunch and we had a dessert he recommended that was created by the chef, called Apple Schmann. It was a pan-fried apple pie with custard, cognac and raisins served to the table in a flaming skillet! That was the kind of thing we absolutely would have missed out on without John.
John ended the day by getting us back to Munich in time to see the glockenspiel at 5 pm in the Marianplatz!
Needless to say, John Wetstone has my highest recommendation.

Thanks again for the time you spent with myself, Mom, and the boys in Munich and environs. You made our experience the very best.

Simi Valley, CA, USA

Hello John,
We are finally back home and working our way back into a normal routine. We enjoyed our day with you in Munich.
Your tremendous background and experience added greatly to the wonderful memories that we brought home with us. A special thanks to you for your extra effort in getting into the train station and in the right place.
Best wishes,

Bountiful, Utah, USA

Dear John,
I want to thank you for giving us a fantastic tour of the greater Munich, Germany area.  As we discussed, I was born in a displaced persons camp in Foehrenwald, West Germany soon after the end of World War II, the child of holocaust survivors. My family moved to America in 1949, when I was merely two years old. of course, I remember nothing about my years on Germany, but always wanted to visit my birthplace.
Well, you not only found this site (despite the place changing its name after 60 years have elapsed), but also gave my family a wonderful tour of Munich, including palaces, mountains, opera houses and even a side trip to Austria. The amenities in your luxurious VW Van and your knowledge of the area were also excellent.
My mother also nearly cried when she viewed these pictures of a place "long ago and far away."
Thanks again for everything, John.

Dr. Alan R.
Farmington Hills, MI.

Dear John,
Thank you again for the wonderful village experience you were able to show us. It was the highlight of our trip. We are always happy with everything you suggest and will certainly recommend you to anyone needing a special guide like you. I hope to see you again in the future. We really enjoyed the lakeside view also. What a great day!
Thanks again,

Jackie, and friends
Provo, Utah