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Welcome to my references page; all my clients opinions are important to me.
After you have completed your tour, please send me an email with your personal commentary of our time together. 

Allow me to help plan your vacation in Bavaria from beginning to end!

Amberg Germany
I was very lucky to find such a wonderful guide. I wanted to visit my childhood home of Amberg German...a bit off the besten path and much changed since the 1960’s US Army post where I lived. John went above and beyond doing the research that I needed to relive my childhood memories. John has many interests and experiences which added to the adventure. Thanks again to John for the trip of a lifetime for me.

Illinois USA

February in Bavaria
John designed an off-season tour for me and my adult son. A half-day in Munich and a full day out to the Alps and the castles. John is very knowledgeable and made the best use of our time. We were blessed with beautiful weather and above-average temperatures. (Not sure I can give John credit for that.)

Huntingdon Valley PA

Rothenburg with John
John was such a delight. He is charismatic, organised, flexible, punctual and kind.
We went to Rothenburg with him and we had a good time. The town is beautiful with many small unique shops. John was kind enough to give us time to wander around on our own, but he did not leave us without some important tips on shopping and dining.
Most importantly, he granted us exclusive access to the oldest church outside of the city walls. It was a nice trip!

Maya and Mohammed

Another fantastic tour of Ludwig's Castles in Southern Bavaria with John!
This was my second time that I've used John’s Bavarian Tours for tours out of Munich to see Ludwig's castles. My first visit was in 2008 on my first trip during Oktoberfest. That trip John gave us some good advice about our time in Munich and it was a great trip obviously as I wouldn’t have booked him again.
As a travel professional, I've been on many tours, and John did an excellent job up front with communication about the options on the tour and what we could and couldn’t see easily in a day as some of the castles were more difficult to visit (timed tickets with delays before you could enter). So he gave recommendations but allowed me to make the decisions.
Our first tour, on day 1, was a 2-hour walking tour of Munich. He had very good knowledge of the city and the practicalities of getting around. John kept us entertained with tidbits of information about what we were seeing without going too deep. The right balance. Overall excellent tour.
John picked us up at the hotel on day 2 for the full day Castle tour. He got us out of town before traffic was bad and we were off for a ride to the Alps. John gave us some good information about Ludwig, the history around him including his mysterious and inconclusive end. I really like history and John delivered.
But again, the right amount of detail. John got us to Hohenschwangau Castle and due to his good preparation had tickets for us so that we didn't need to wait long or in line. We viewed Neuschwanstein Castle from the outside based on John's recommendation which was a good idea for practical reasons. We then went on to a great lunch spot in Oberammergau followed by a visit to Linderhof Palace.
Overall John did an excellent with time management, area and historical knowledge, communications, and setting expectations and being real with what could and couldn't be done in a day as you always want to see it all.

Highly recommend and would use him again on another trip!

Sherwood, Oregon

John was great!
Such a fabulous tour. John knows how to navigate around the area. Knew when to be where so that we could avoid the traffic problems that can occur.
We had a wonderful day. Highly recommend!!

Little Rock, Arkansas

John drove a van of our friends for a day trip to several castles and sights. His historical knowledge was interesting and added much to the day. His connections to reservations and knowledge of timing were wise and critical to making the day run smoothly. Would definitely spend the day with him again.

Brookhaven, Georgia

Great tour of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau
The main thing my daughter wanted to see on our trip to Europe was Neuschwanstein. So with no vehicle and no knowledge, I figured we needed a guide. I booked 4 months ahead. He picked us up at our hotel and drove us there. Along the way he talked about Munich and Ludwig and the castles. 
When we got there he had us set at the new hotel to have some coffee and a snack while he got the tickets. We then walked to the lake for some pictures then up the original cart path to Hohenschwangau. We took the tour with their guide and then he met us afterwards to take pictures in gardens and he showed us the bath area and kitchen that were not a part of the tour.
We then went back to the hotel for our lunch reservation which was great. We had a fabulous lunch outside under an umbrella with views of both castles. We then wrapped up and boarded a bus for Neuschwanstein. 
At the top, we disembarked and went to the bridge over the gorge for amazing pictures. We then walked to Neuschwanstein, incredible views of the mountains and lakes along the way. John went with us in the castle and made sure we had the right stair count. He also got us to the balcony for great pictures after we were done. We then returned to the town for our ride back. 

I will say John is a little more laid back than the pace our family is used to. While booking, he said this would be all we could see, but as the day went, he told me he would look to take us to the pilgrimage church, Wies Kirche, that I wanted to see. After that he took us to a great ice cream shop in Bad Kohlgrub. It hit the spot and was enjoyed by the entire family. He then got us back to the center of Munich before the shops closed so my wife and daughter could buy a couple of things they needed. It was a great day and we greatly enjoyed spending it with John. I really appreciated him going the extra mile for us.
PS. The great thing about a guide is getting someone to take pictures of the entire family.

Grover R
Pensacola, Florida

Incredible Customized Tour with Exceptional Personalized Service!
John took the time to find out what was most important to us and to build out a 2 day tour itinerary that was absolutely incredible! At the top of my teenage son’s list was Neuschwanstein Castle, and my almost 70 year old Mother wanted to see the city.
John created the perfect plan for us - starting with a city tour and highlighting the areas of Nymphenburg Palace that matched my Mother’s interests perfectly! Our trip to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau was the stuff dreams are made of. Not only did John make special arrangements for lunch at a fabulous hotel with views of both castles - he also had them surprise us with a birthday cake to celebrate my son’s 14th birthday which was that day!
John’s knowledge and his focus on creating an exceptional experience for his customers from beginning to end makes him the best tour guide in Munich! Highly recommend!

Melanie K
Harrisburg PA

Awesome tour guide--goes above and beyond!
I cannot say enough good things about John Wetstone. I was unable to use his services, due to a change in my plans, but he went out of his way to help me with my plans anyway. He made numerous international calls and contacted hotels, sent emails, etc., to help me find a room in Oberammergau, even though this was not his tour. He did this out of kindness and not financial gain. He was courteous and understanding and very helpful. I was about to cancel my trip because I could not find a room in Oberammergau or transportation to and from and he saved the day!
Let me say again how helpful he was and how much I appreciate his efforts. He will be my guide when I visit the Munich area!

Rosemary S
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Bavaria & King Ludwigs Castles, and Salzburg, Austria
We toured with John on two separate days. One day in Bavaria visiting King Ludwig's Castles, Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and Linderhof. He was well organized, prepared with historical information on the towns and villages we went through on our way to Schwangau, and he made all the arrangements for touring inside Hohenschwangau castle. We viewed the Neuschwanstein castle from the village below. Delightful day. Excursion to a small restaurant in Austria for lunch that was outstanding as we traveled on to Linderhof castle, where John had made all arrangements for our tour inside the castle and grounds. Lots of local color from John.
Second day was a tour of Salzburg, Austria. Again, lots of information about the history of Salzburg, the churches we visited, lunch in a great local restaurant. Very personal tour just for the three of us.
Highly recommend his tour.

Rosemary S
Hattiesburg, Mississippi