References 2006 - Johns Bavarian Tours

Welcome to my references page; all my clients opinions are important to me.
After you have completed your tour, please send me an email with your personal commentary of our time together. 

Allow me to help plan your vacation in Bavaria from beginning to end!

Dear John,
Thank you for your services.
We spent half hour printing out two hundred digital pictures last night. I am especially fond of the German and Austrian pictures.
Your pictures on the CD are greatly appreciated too. I can fall in love with Bavaria.
Thank you for all you taught us and showed us. I know we barely peaked at what is available.
While in Munich we went to Breiter's hat store and I got a great Bavarian hat with boar's hair "feather" and Bavarian Lion pin.
Many thanks and best wishes,

Mike and Marie

We had a good flight. Thanks so much for taking us to so many great places and being so patient with the kids. I will send you a more detailed review in the next few days. Hope you have a great rest of summer.


Dear John:
I would be happy to write about our positive experience. By the way, you should be hearing from a Gilbert. He is a patient of mine and has a small group coming to your neck of the woods. He is owner of a railroad company here in Idaho. Nice people. You will like them.
Anyway, we had a wonderful day trip with Mr. Wetstone while in Munich. We went to the Eagles Nest and to Salzburg, Austria.
Lots of information, comfortable transportation. No hassles with small things, and good recommendations for shopping, touring and food. On time, courteous, knowledgable and low key.
I would highly recommend Mr. Wetstone to others for his services. We will be back and definitely rebook again for more tours

Dr. John D.

Dear John,
We all just wanted to write you a note to let you know what a fantastic time we had with you.
We came over during Oktoberfest, and what a fantastic time that was, but our trips around Bavaria with you were the highlight of vacation. It was actually like a vacation within a vacation.
Your knowledge of the local history was much appreciated, especailly all the local folk lore made the stories much more interesting and humourous. Traveling with you was more like traveling with a friend that just happened to be a guide.
It was absolutely one of the most charming and entertaining experiences we all have ever had. Your van was by far the best way to travel around the countryside and getting to all the different places so early made it even that much more special.
Again, we can not thank you enough and look forward to '07 already. So, do not forget that we are coming back for three more weeks from the middle of Sept to the middle of Oct and want to visit all the places that we were unable to make it to this past time.
Until then, we have our photos to remember our trip and you by. Much happiness to you in the coming months, your friends

Hugh, Heather, Troy and John
Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Hats off to you sir...
Your tour through Bavaria that you hosted for our family Was an exceptional experience that will never be forgotten.
We can't thank you enough. Your courtesy, patience along with your exceptional insights to Bavaria and Munich was the highlight of our vacation.

John L.
Niagara Falls,

Mr. John Wetstone has a most impressive website that is easy to navigate and well illustrated with professional photo images.
As we planned our trip John "held our hands" and exhibited patience. He walked us through the options of where to tour and how to utilize our time the best.
The thing I like most was his flexibility to offer his standard tours for which he was justly proud and blend that in with the special requests we made to see off the beaten path locales of special interest to us.
We especially wanted to explore sites and locations of unique interest to our family heritage and ancestors. As an Allgaier it was very exciting to visit the "Allgaeuer-Brauhaus" and beer gardens in Kempten.
John was instrumental in talking the proprietor of one bar and restaurant into selling us Allgaeu beir steins and glasses not normally for sale.
John's connections with the local people made every stop a special visit. This connection with the people was symbolized by his special German Bavarian hat. A hat that I admired so much that I was able to buy one in Munich from the store he recommended.
Mr. Wetstone has relationships and connections with an integral knowledge of southern Germany that made navigating the joys of Germany all the more special.
If you want a tailor made tour of the highlights with historical insights without the oversized crowds of more conventional bus tours, then John's Bavarian Tours is for you.


Thank you for the wonderful tour this past August. Although we coverd a lot of ground, the tours where both informative and fun.
Eagle's nest was most amazing to us. I was surprised to see how small it was for a mountain resort. The history of the construction and the short time it took to be built seemed impossible. Again, one of our favorite parts.
The boys were still impressed by the the castles in Germany. We all have strong architectural interests. Seeing the castles only made them want to see more. Thanks for the great tour. We'll look you up next vacation.
We both highly recommend you as a tour guide! If I know anyone traveling anywhere near Germany, I'll insist they hire you!
Take care and Happy Holidays.

Don and Diana

In the process of planning a fortieth anniversary river cruise which originated near Munich, my wife and I sought to spend a couple of days seeing a bit of Bavaria before we sailed.
After researching a number of web sites, we decided to engage John Wetstone to guide us in learning about the region.

We opted for John's Pfaffenwinkel (Priest Corner) Tour which focused on visiting many churches in the Bavarian countryside which were decorated in the rococo style.
This tour turned out to be one of the most unique and interesting experiences in all of our travels. Churches with relatively nondescript exteriors would have the most dramatic and breathtaking artistic interiors.
The interior art work included painting, sculpture, ceramic and plaster craft, metalwork, and gilding.
John also was able to arrange an independent visit to a monastery where one of the nuns provided a history of Bavaria's artisans while she showed us examples of their art throughout the interior.
John drove us throughout the region as we visited many of the area's churches viewing the Bavarian countryside's rivers and lakes as we passed. At one stop John took us to a room in the church where many artifacts from the Roman occupation were available to view.
At another of the churches John led us up a narrow staircase to the bell tower and then onto the roof platform from which we could see for miles. And we were the only ones there.

At lunchtime John drove us to a large local restaurant which seemed to have been constructed and decorated by the laborers and artisans who built the churches.
It was a landmark in its own right. We were able to sample the local cuisine on the open-air deck and then were shown about the property by the owner who gave us her own rendition of local Bavarian history.
These are the kind of opportunities that just don't happen when you're part of a bus tour that rolls into a parking lot at noon with everyone clamoring for hamburgers and Cokes.

I wouldn't classify John as a guide, or a driver, or an interpreter. though he takes care of all of these things for you. He's really more of a partner for the day.
As an artist himself, he has an artistic sentiment about the places he shows you. He's very open to taking a side road to visit an interesting sight if you like.
But he's also fun to be around and really knows the region. If you have the time and inclination, this is absolutely the best way to really gain an appreciation for the area over a short period of time.

Lois & Kirk
Tucson, Arizona, USA

What a wonderful time we had!
John had the entire day planned perfectly. I was travelling with two elderly Aunts (80 & 78). John had that "extra" sense of knowing when to slow down and when to keep on going.
We enjoyed the King Ludwig tour; seeing Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Hohenschwangau Castles, as well as some shopping in Oberamergau. Lunch in Austria was an extra treat!
All the while, no worries of driving - just great music, wonderful scenery and a tour guide with much to tell.
I would highly recommend John's Bavarian Tours!